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Sample Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Today’s Soup with the Abbey’s brown soda bread 5.50 (gfr)
Dill and Saffron Seafood Chowder with toasted Guinness bread 6.95 (gfr)
Chicken Liver Pate, plum and cranberry chutney, ciabatta toast and rocket 7.95 (gfr)

Warm Chicken Salad with rustic potatoes, cooked in soy, spring onion and garlic 12.95 (gfr)
Lemon and Garlic Salmon Salad, soft boiled egg, green beans, cucumber, citrus olive oil 13.95 (gfr)
Moroccan Chicken Salad, saffron cous cous, roasted veg, tomato & chilli dressing & minted yoghurt 11.95 (gfr)
Goat’s Cheese and Roasted Beetroot Salad, sweet potato, quinoa, rice and toasted walnuts 11.95 (gfr)

Beef Massaman Curry with coriander rice, poppadom and yoghurt 13.95 (gfr)
Southern Fried Chicken Burger in a brioche bap, crispy bacon, tomato, garlic mayo, baby gem with chips 13.95
Salt and Vinegar Fish and Chips, Cod in a beer batter with pea and mint puree, tartare sauce 13.95
Gnocchi, blue cheese cream, broccoli, baby spinach and garlic ciabatta 12.95
Traditional Bacon and Cabbage, creamy mash, roast potato and parsley sauce. 13.95 (gfr)
Chicken and Chorizo Pasta, sundried tomato pesto cream, parmesan & garlic ciabatta 12.95 (gfr)
6oz Sirloin Steak Sandwich in a warm garlic ciabatta, sautéed onions, truffle mayo, relish, baby gem and hand cut chips 14.95

GOURMET SANDWICHESwith your choice of Griffin’s hand cut chips or mixed leaf salad or bowl of soup
The Abbeys BLT-bacon, chorizo, gem lettuce, tomato with honey mustard mayo, brioche bap 9.95
Fresh Fish Finger Sandwich in a warm ciabatta with panko and tartare sauce 9.95
Piri Piri Chicken Enchiladas, flour tortilla, grilled red peppers, roasted tomatoes, cheddar glaze 9.95

CLOSED SANDWICHESwith your choice of mixed salad or tortilla crisps or a cup of today’s soup. Served in white bread, brown bread or a wrap
Pan Roasted Chicken Sandwich with sage and onion stuffing, tomato and basil mayo 6.50 (gfr)
Toasted Ham OR Chicken Special with relish, tomato, red onion and cheddar 6.50 (gfr)
Toasted Portobello Mushroom & Brie Sandwich, basil pesto, rocket and roasted peppers 6.50 (gfr)

List of Allergens available. All our beef is 100% Irish & traceable. GFR-Gluten Free on Request.
Everything is cooked to order so if you are in a hurry please let us know!